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WHY COVE DESIGN?  In 2002, Ken Kuhnen was ready to  design his next home.  He had ambitious desires on a modest budget.   Few existing plans even came close to his needs and standards.   What started as his next home turned into a designing obsession.  In no time, he had not one, but dozens of plans to meet his personal needs in package sizes other design "experts" couldn't seem to touch.  Ken's dream home was now  an affordable reality.   His next dream?  That's simple - to put others into the home of their dreams too.  Thus, the birth of Cove Design!   

                                                                                  THREE REASONS TO CHOOSE COVE DESIGN:
  1. A Common Sense Design approach:  You won't find more functionality per square foot at any price.
  2. An Affordable Product:  Our prices will not be beat ... period.  No job is too big and no job is too small.
  3. Personalized Service:  All clients complete a detailed questionaire.  Tell us everything you want in your new home.  Often, we are able to offer options you had not even considered based on your profile.   The client is heavily involved in every aspect of the of the design - start to finish. 
   Cove Design is so confident you will be pleased with your new home design
that we are offering the following 

  • Simply complete our client questionaire and Cove Design will provide you with a rough draft (floor plan and color images) of your perfect home ... ABSOLUTELY FREE!  (email or phone us for your questionaire today!)

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